Below is a list of services and possibilities offered from The Flying Geek. 



Computer Support


Whether it’s your desktop, notebook, or tablet let us get your system back up and running fast. Both home and office rely on systems that work. We can quickly remote into your system to get you up and running.

  • We only use SSL/TLS (OpenSSL) encryption which is the same used for eCommerce, a Zoom conference, or online banking.

  • We can only gain access to your computer after you accepted a computer prompt asking you for your permission.

  • When a remote control session is over, the system prohibits us from gaining access to your computer again by automatically uninstalling the remote software.

Website Design


Do you need a website for your hobby or small business? Maybe you have one but want to add new capabilities or a redesign. We can help you utilize things like Squarespace or Shopify to help your small business grow.

Cell Phones


They aren’t just phones anymore, they are our most important tools. Let us solve that pesky problem you are experiencing. We are able to screen share so you can easily show us the issue you’re having. Cell phones have become a critical tool in both business and our personal lives. Let us help make sure it continues to be.

Network Security


One of our specialties and so critical in this connected age. We can help evaluate your risks or let you know if that email you opened caused any issues. From how your network and connection to the internet is configured to email and antivirus let’s make sure you are protected from todays threats.


Servers and Networking

Have an onsite server or maybe want to move your company into the cloud? Let us get you back up and running or move forward with your systems. We can act as your Systems Administrator or help guide moving you into the cloud (such as Amazon AWS). Let us get you running and growing.






Systems Analysis and Consultation

Let our experience help guide you where you want to be in this technological world we live in. It can be a simple session of you bouncing ideas off us or detailed as planning your strategy.

Home Automation


Would you like to have your home respond to your voice or automate when and how things happen? Or maybe you’d like to setup web cameras and security. We can guide you in what’s needed and possible.






And so much more!


We can help you with just about anything involving technology.

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